Metta Remixes

Format: 10''   

Label: Made In Green   Cat: MGRX02

Cat: MGRX02

Release date: 03/06/2015


Hay existencias

As a contrasting follow-up to our first single from Rooteo & Mahura’s Mettā album, the second single on Made In Green Records keeps the format intact with entirely different results. Deadbeat’s remix on part one was both respectful and subtly transformative; on part two, New York’s upcoming Max McFerren, whose busy 2015 included EPs on Ultimate Hits, Allergy Season, and 1080p, brings us a startling reinterpretation of album closer ´Harmal´ very much in keeping with the vein of raw, aggressive house coming from Brooklyn since that scene’s resurgence. The original version of ‘Harmal’ finishes the album in fine style, blending tablas, celestial electronics, and short melodica phrases that gradually swell with layers of vocal samples and orchestal pads before reaching a climax and slowly dying away in gradually receding layers of ambient electronics. McFerren’s remix leads off with only a bare framework of techno percussion. The entry of a sampled section of melody from the original signals a rapid transition to more abrasive territory, with sheets of metallic noise slashing through the high end, short vocal syllables stuttering, and an insistent bass pulse building up and breaking down with at least one element constantly in motion.

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