Microplastic EP

Format: 12''   

Label: Arboretum   Cat: ARB005

Label: Arboretum

Cat: ARB005

Release date: 08/04/2020


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Following their last “Thirst Ep” released on Instrument of Discipline in 2019, the duo Diasiva (Monolog and Swarm Intelligence) returns with a five tracks work on the Berlin Imprint Arboretum.

While addressing the environmental issue of the human impact on natural ecosystems, Microplastic Ep seems to embark upon a journey of deconstruction of Techno, IDM and Bass Music towards futuristic paradigms.

Here, gritty broken-beats, wisely mixed with titanic basslines, an ominous dystopic temper seems to simulate the contemporary unrelenting strain, fading at time either into kaleidoscopic-visionary synthlines archetypes or cinematic rarefied epilogues for a comforting utopia.

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