Mile A Mile EP

Format: 12''   Hand Stamped

Label: Soil Records   Cat: SOIL02

Cat: SOIL02

Release date: 22/11/2018


Hay existencias

Soil Records continue their exploration of contemporary Techno with the efforts of another new artist to the label – SOJ. Following on from Orlock 101’s Bram Stocker inspired work on the first record – SOJ’s work drives to equal depths of artistic concept for 002.

Opening the EP, Killabill is a live recorded Techno monster, raw and gritty in the very best sense. One for heavier moments in life but with a looseness that really brings out the groove.

Mile a Mile follows on dropping the 4×4 for a more broken rhythm, acidic synthwork driving this track ever onward into more agressive expressions of dancefloor energy. Downright Scarey.

Next up we have The End of the Education, this drops the tempo just a touch and takes us into deeper territory, the eiree soundscape and perfectly balanced vocal drops really take this one to a different kind of place.

Closing out the EP, Pay Attention is an exercise in the precise, snappy punchy beats work carefully with subtle percussion. The synthwork is precisely measure to work within the framework the dominating kick develops. Such a varied EP all bound together by some of the most vibey Techno themes this year.

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