Mind Techno Control EP

Format: 12''   

Label: Frigio Records   Cat: FRV-009

Cat: FRV-009

Release date: 26/03/2013



Frigio happily announces a new release by San Francisco based artist Exillon who is well known for his amazing works for Detroit Underground among other labels.
In “Mind Techno Control EP”, Exillon (aka Jay Fields) drops us 3 energetic and overwhelming tracks. On side A we have an incredible 10 minute long acid techno killer that for sure will burn dancefloors. You can hear all the analogue gear frequencies bouncing in your bones.
On B side, the 2 tracks keep the same forcefulness and get closer to an IDM drum structure that maintain the groove but out of the straight 4×4 beat. By using deeper melodies and mixing different styles, the result is very rich in textures and makes the sound exotic.

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