Mist Of Souls

Format: 10''   Colour Marbled

Label: Zodiak Commune   Cat: ZC-TRIP002

Cat: ZC-TRIP002

Release date: 03/05/2019


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Zodiak Commune Records presents the second TRIP release called Mist Of Souls. This is a serie pressed on 10 inch containing long, deep and storytelling acid tracks one on each side.
One side is dedicated to Ounts (FR), member of the Frèk6tem and Celestial Bodies collective recordlabel. Lovely ambient break!
The other side you can find the local rarely gifted Lox (FR). Really nice spacetraveling sound on this one!

Ounts – L’Âme Hante
When it is time for a soul to move on, it simply needs complete its final task.
After that a portal will appear…and no one knows where it is going.

Lox – Nova
We enter to other side of the portal. This is the time a new star is born.
The circle is complete.

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