Mitos y Leyendas

Format: Cassette   

Label: Ilegal Alien   Cat: IARLTDCST003


Release date: 25/09/2020



Myths and legends have served as a tool of cultural roots for Latin American peoples, they evoke the ancestral wisdom of the old men of in village, who gathered small groups of children to captivate them with the stories and that served as guidelines for the development and growth of their cultures. In illegal alien, we have decided to pay homage to popular Mexican stories that in the form of myths and legends have managed to transcend through generations and generations. We have invited Mexican artists of at highest level to participate for the first time, who have been in charge of musicalizing these small drops of crystalline water that make up the gigantic cultural ocean of which we are composed. At the image level, we have worked on the representation and tribute to Huichol art that represents the purest and most real Mexicanity, far from nationalisms but with the intention of disseminating the art and culture of a sacred region like Mexico.
Given to the great graphic and musical work, we decided to make a limited run of high quality Cassette Edition and Digital format, which will be available in stores on Friday, September 25th of 2020.

Featuring exclusive tracks from Art Uro, Binary Phase, Damian Vargas, Daniel Romero, Daryl, Dig-it, Fixon, Fixeer, Jnks, Jörg Rodriguez, Leon XIV, LFB & Technicism, Ricardo Garduno and Sintoma.

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