Format: 12''   Multicoloured vinyl / Insert / Sticker

Label: Mai Lei Bel   Cat: MAI3

Cat: MAI3

Release date: 05/06/2020


Hay existencias

Michal Basar returns to Mai Lei Bel after releasing last year “The Pornacle Prophecy”, an album he released under his pseudonym Anacle. On this occasion, Michal is delivering his debut solo 6-tracks EP “Moonshaft” which takes you to the adventurous trip where techno and electronica meets experimental with IDM. Despite the prevailing feeling from his darker techno background, the whole EP sounds pretty subtle and shows what a diverse production Michal is capable of.

Originally comes from Košice, Slovakia, but after he first visited the iconic Rotterdam techno club Perron in 2014, he decided to move to the Netherlands. Now operates from Rotterdam, but travels as much as he can to Bratislava, Slovakia, where he collaborates with fellow DJs from Slovakia and Austria in various collectives such as KOHM, aMT or Anacle – experimental, synthetics created adventures with the sound of a modular system, live recording and rough edits, filled by drum lines.

Hypnotic repetitions are essential substances for Michal’s production as well as performance. His inspiration comes from different kind of music therapy techniques. However, always within the framework of a techno subgenre. Live improvisation and adaptation during performances on stage is a key element in all projects where Michal participates, as he believes it makes the creation more organic.

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