Format: 12''   

Label: Line Explorations   Cat: LE001

Cat: LE001

Release date: 04/03/2019


Hay existencias

Line Explorations present its first release – a compilation consisting of six tracks by six national artists, producing under the names of T’iwu, HTL, PX, emme, AMSH and Mensaje Sanador, serving as a sampler for what’s to come in the future on the label and the sounds the label will evoke such as techno, IDM, ambient, noise, drone and experimental vibrations from the further avant-garde,

The first track focuses on growing an organic and everyday sonic scape with the use of chords and melodies filled with light touch – reminiscent of clear skies and sunshine – which creates an ambient feel similar to that of daily vibrations of life as presented and explored by T’iwu.

HTL enhances the depth of the reflections of today’s emotions one can feel by delving deeper into everyday surroundings and exploring the noise/drone side of the ambient musical styles by mixing melodic elements with the out of the ordinary effects which shock and ululate while shaping the musical texture into a darker and deeper atmosphere.

The following track, by PX, elevates the atmosphere into a more jovial soundscape full of ‘80’s inspired electronica and sci-fi soundtracks. The beat rolls off and twists in a funky groove helping develop a danceable pace for the release.

On top of that, emme presents the fourth track – in the shape of techno meets breaks – where more classical elements of industrially influenced electronic music can be traced from yesteryears. The sounds engulf in warmly distorted melodic strings while flowing over and under the rhythmic structure.

In contrast, AMSH’s ‘’Subway’’ presents a downpour of heavy sounds, such as noise influenced synths and delayed infected percussion, along with field recording of trains help envision the movement of a manmade machine and its flow through the undergrounds of today’s world.

The final piece, of the label’s initial release, comes in the shape of a Mensaje Sanador or healing message. The track takes on the elements of the three titles that have preceded it and explores further the dynamics between current and classical sounds of the electronic dance music genres by delving deeper into sound synthesis, melodies and rhythm as to help one submerge further into exploring such sounds, their history and the future to come.

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