Mulo Muto | Black/Lava - Worlds Corroding Under Xenomorphs` Ejaculations

Format: Cassette   Black

Label: Urbsounds   Cat: URB058

Label: Urbsounds

Cat: URB058

Release date: 11/01/2022


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“Worlds Corroding Under Xenomorphs’ Ejaculations” is a collaborative album between post-industrial Swiss-based duo MULO MUTO and the Italian electronic duo BLACK/LAVA.”Worlds Corroding Under Xenomorphs’ Ejaculations” is a concept album based on a dystopian world, which is violated and derided by a mysterious alien race. At first, the aliens observe the humans with some scientific interest, then, after being utterly disappointed, decide to invade the planet in order to submit and make fun of those human beings, who are not able to collaborate among themselves and overcome their need for prominence and arrogance. In the eyes of the alien invaders, the humans confirmed their vulnerability when confronted with the immensity of the cosmos and sealed their fate as a failed planet. In order to depict these events and environments, the 7 tracks of this album made heavily used synths, field recordings, guitar experimentations, percussions, treated voices, electroacoustic, and sampling techniques. No human or aliens were harmed in the making of this album.

Mulo Muto:
Attila Folklor – noise machines, modular synthesizer, FX pedals, throat
Joel Gilardini – baritone guitars, loops, noises

Enkil – [d]ronin, synths, objects
Fabio Olivero – machines, field recordings, percussions, vocals and laments

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