Format: 12''   

Label: Back to Wax   Cat: BWAXLP001

Cat: BWAXLP001

Release date: 16/02/2016



»Multimorphic», the maximum work of the Cadiz musician Mauro Nakimi, is an album created, thought and built in, and to be enjoyed live. A collection of themes created in real time and live without the use of sequencers, without samples or loops. Pure synthesis at the service of a real techno, without cheating or cardboard, which will delight adult people, and fine, heard. The 1st songs on the album were recorded in one print, live, in one take. As only a sound craftsman – who manufactures unique electronic works, endowed with a personality, timelessness and an enormous own character as added value and main differentiating element – can dream and achieve. Nakimi manages and controls the entire creative process from start to finish, a space where there is no place for rush or soulless business. Immersed in his “controlled chaos” he combines disorder to create a general sound order from a domain of synthesis and overwhelming hardware, but also from the use of physical instrumentation to create sounds in real time, without software. The ten songs of »Multimorphic» are aimed at an adult audience, music lover and discoverer. Perhaps the best definition for them is “real techno.” We will highlight »Multimorphic» -deep-techno dreamy, Martian and Rolandian-; »Polieder» -a fascinating passage of futuristic and progressive techno in which you can see that everything is and really sounds-; the «very Aux 88» »Geometrish» or »Tangent Liquid»; »Octagon» -a bright and optimistic theme, breaks a bit with that metallic and somewhat dark techno darkness- and »Spherical diode» -techno classic, from Detroit, but gifted by those sparks of Mauro Nakimi’s brilliant particular sound imagery- In short, we are facing a capital techno work, made in Spain, that no lover of the genre, and of electronics in general, should miss. Both on disk and, above all, live. Bravo, teacher.

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