Format: Cassette   

Label: Fill-lex Records   Cat: FLCS-12

Cat: FLCS-12

Release date: 28/06/2021


Hay existencias

The ep already in its first track “after the silence” seduces us with a dark intro that gives different features of what awaits us next. Strong rhythms and catchy melodies with a darkness typical of the Z series movies of the late 70’s and early 80’s. As the album progresses, the hardness of the percussions becomes plausible in tracks like “Kinky” or “Just on illusion” that will make you dance with your soul glued to your chest. Returning to his more ambient side in the following tracks, vinilette shows us once again what he is capable of doing not only compositions focused on the dance floor, but also compositions that could well be part of any soundtrack of an independent film.

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