Myths EP

Format: 12''   

Label: ELEVE   Cat: Eleve 07

Label: ELEVE

Cat: Eleve 07

Release date: 29/08/2017


Hay existencias

Latest installment from ELEVE Music is produced by Madrid duo Uanamani. Derk and Iterbio have been studying sound and spinning records for many years, and currently Uanamani is one of the top local live acts in underground events in Madrid.
Their analog multi-instrumental set up digs classic ambient and deep techno which morphs into a live organism, with tribal touchs from around the world. They join ELEVE inviting us to dive into their myths. During the journey, expect first class deep techno with bursts of reverberant hihats, syncopated percussions and harmonic wind whistlings, blurring the lines between adventure and mystery. The organic feeling is present through the whole ride with mutating arpeggios that will make the most obscure rituals go hypnotic.

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