Format: Cassette   

Label: Industrial Complexx   Cat: IC017

Cat: IC017

Release date: 23/08/2021


Hay existencias

Electronic music is like the universe itself, it expands at an exorbitant speed. Each primary genre takes different paths that intersect with other influences, each artist creates from his or her own criteria, so it is not necessary to be subject to the laws of the music industry or the unanimous conditions of the mainstream.

Such singular identities may seem exclusive to many erudite ears, but for projects like ours it is a blessing to discover artists with a certain originality and who are also totally anonymous, or who have not had a long career. It has happened to us with many of the artists who have released on Industrial Complexx, and it has happened to us again with H/S/P, an Argentinian artist who runs his label Armed Records and who also uses the alias Artist Øne to release techno on different platforms.

N.H.DLV is an album in which its author exhibits great potential in terms of creativity and sound design. This 15 tracks evokes the multitude of paths an artist can take to develop a work based on thousands of musical experiences, with a sound impossible to categorise as a single trend. Industrial, noise, techno, experimental…. an ambitious and non-conformist itinerary.

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