Bureaucracy Against The Joy Population

Format: 12''   

Label: Nexe Records   Cat: NEXE005

Cat: NEXE005

Release date: 22/07/2019


Hay existencias

Surit is better known as one half of NX1 and Nexe Records co-owner. Although he has previously presented solo works and collaborations for different labels, this is his first proper solo release featuring three original tracks from the man himself and a remix from the Greek artist ANFS.

The A side opens with “Line Of Masks”, a straight techno track with an hypnotic touch given by the voices evocating ancient rituals, a low bass synth pulling the track, trapping you from the very first beat. Next, “Neurodomination” is a harsher, heavier piece, with rude and hard-hitting percussions and a squeezed synth is taking control. On the B side, the EP homonym track “Bureaucracy Against The Joy Population”, a non-compromised broken hard techno track evolving on expansive power, rhythmic and hatching into a melancholic and decadent melody. Last track of the EP is an ANFS remix. The Athenian producer elevates the track with his very own sound slowing it down, but kipping it in tension, aggressive and epic.

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