Nina (Remixes)

Format: 12''   

Label: Creme Organization   Cat: CREME12-72R

Cat: CREME12-72R

Release date: 01/06/2014


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Following on from the release of Innershades’ No Stopping EP on Creme Organization last summer, the Dutch label revisits the a-side cut ‘Nina’ with two remixers in tow. Those remixers are Bristol’s bass pioneer Kowton and the inimitable production duo of Tuff City Kids. Unterton and Delsin duo Gerd Janson & Phillip Lauer aka Tuff City Kids turn in a bulky, piano laced and acid riddled remix of ‘Nina’ that is a pure party starter. Idle Hands and Hessle Audio man Kowton reworks ‘Nina’ into something run through with plenty of sirens, raw, crunchy drum loops and rolling percussive lines. It’s stormy and tumultuous and is full of frosty textures. These are two abrasive tracks designed for maximum impact on the dancefloor.

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