No. 70007

Format: 12''   Hand Stamped / Both sides play inside out.

Label: WAX   Cat: WAX70007

Label: WAX

Cat: WAX70007

Release date: 05/12/2019



The return of a classic Shed alias.

René Pawlowitz has released some of this millennium’s most striking techno through his many aliases and labels. His signature style is recognizable no matter what name he uses. On Wax 70007, this quality demonstrates his singular vision but limits his range.

The A-side’s melancholic keys and bittersweet pads resemble Pawlowitz classics, like the epic B-side on 20002 and the wistful chords on 50005. It’s hard to go wrong with this palate, but it doesn’t reach the out-of-body catharsis or meditative subtlety we’ve heard before. The B-side is trippier and brighter, with chord stabs and dry 727 conga hits that recall last year’s Wax record, a cute touch. Both sides feel slower at the slightly reduced tempo of 126 BPM, and neither rolls out the signature Wax sub-bass hits that give dancers something extra to sink into. These tracks are safe options for fans of Pawlowitz’s past work, but they don’t add much to the canon.

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