No Flesh Shall Be Spared

Format: 12''   

Label: Megastructure   Cat: MS001

Cat: MS001

Release date: 20/03/2020



HAKAI is the new project from Joey Blush (BLUSH_RESPONSE) and Jagoda Nagel. Inspired by their mutual love for Japanese culture and aesthetics, Hakai’s first 12″ is a brutal and noisy debut for Blush’s new label MEGASTRUCTURE_.

The HAKAI sound is one born of destruction. The A side of the EP opens with the 100 bpm pounder Anxiety, driving the beats further and faster at 140 bpm with Ningen. The intensity continues on the B side, with Invading Executioner bringing a dreamlike edge to the industrial beats, only to awake in the alien dimension of the final track, Bury Me Alive. Bury Me Alive is an emotional ballad inspired by loss and the futility of life itself. How do we let go when there is so much left we couldn’t do?

MEGASTRUCTURE_ is BLUSH_RESPONSE’s new label. A home for sounds on the fringes of reality, MEGASTRUCTURE will act as a haven for those attracted to unusual sounds.

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