Noir times

Format: 12''   

Label: HCR   Cat: HCR005

Label: HCR

Cat: HCR005

Release date: 01/11/2019



The fifth vinyl release of HC Records is signed by the Colombian artist Filmmaker. This sound alchemist immerses us in a maze of rhythms and low fi atmospheres that take us back to universes in 8 bits, hidden laboratories with gigantic synthesizers and old rhythm boxes where the electro synth has a main presence.

The first cut of face A is the powerful “Extinction Wave”, an effective electro percussive composition, where a dominant bass drives the fate of production around dark melodies and passages loaded with sinister epicity.

“Beast Folk” takes us on the path of Post punk: distorted guitars, sharp synthesizers and a constant sweeping feeling of primitive unreality.

Face B hides in its first cut one of the great jewels of vinyl, “Noir Times”, a theme that gives its name to Ep. An exciting production where Filmmaker develops all its melodic potential focused on the dance floor, enhanced by the dynamics of broken rhythms to generate an instant hymn, electro synth straight to your brain.

“Cult Founders” transports us fully to a ritual of ancestral synthesizers, oriental sounds and crispy metallic percussions worthy of a mystical pagan celebration that hatch in a musical orgy for the ear.

Filmmaker closes the vinyl with Vestigium, a dreamlike journey where our senses are calmed, once again giving prominence to the melodies on a calm but forceful rhythm fractured around guitars loaded with murky echoes of the past.

An emotional and exciting ending.

The vinyl attached a digital download code where you can enjoy the whole ep with two bonus tracks.

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