Nosferatu EP

Format: 12''   

Label: Schrödinger's Box ‎   Cat: SBOX013

Cat: SBOX013

Release date: 25/05/2021


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Izorgor’s sound reflects his burly bouncer name. Drums pound and hi-hats slash in the mean and murderous “HDF-N”, a soundtrack for car crashes and late late club sessions. “Nosferatu” comes from a similarly evil place, percussion is fed through a mincer before a fog of distortion descends to smother samples. If you’re after a respite, you’ll have to wait or feck off home. “HDF-S” wades in. Similar to his sibling in terms of rancorous rhythms, this beast drips with 303 sweat and venom with just a touch of salvation in those soaring notes. Boris Brenicki, of Ontal fame, ends with his own sepulchral take on “Nosferatu.

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