Nuclear Nomad

Format: CD   

Label: S.Y.F.   Cat: LRE22018CD

Label: S.Y.F.

Cat: LRE22018CD

Release date: 05/12/2017



The Nuklear Nomad by S.Y.F. is a concept album about voyage of two mutant nomad rats through post nuclear war world . During the gurney they cross with many of small tribes of survivors that developed their own languages and new traditional folk music that in one way or another is still remembering the times before the nuclear disaster. The duo of nomadicus rattus do not give a fuck in how fucked up situation they are , they will always celebrating the differences and apprising similarities.

S.Y.F. is a duo of Santiago López Fernández ( vocal , guitar, bells ) and Mikolaj Kownacki ( alto saxophone, bass , synthesisers , metalophone ) . Formed from trio PSICOFARY, founded in Spain, on the day of Fary’s death , a taxi driver from Sevilla , who became a famous pop flamenco singer. S.Y.F. – abbreviation for Sico y Fary , also meaningful in Polish. The word syf was created as an abbreviation of the latin word “ syphilis “, which once termed a terminal general disease. Currently the word used in colloquially and has several meanings , for example : disorder, mess, dirt but also pimple or eczema . S.Y.F.. is very likely in to sound constructions loaded with antopological screemeanin* and original rhythms that evoke the tradition of punk, noise, hardcore, idndustrial electrónica and free jazz + vocal derision.

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