Format: Cassette   

Label: Industrial Posession   Cat: IP002

Cat: IP002

Release date: 27/07/2020


Hay existencias

Moken sound transmits a feeling of conjunction between the present and the future with our ancestral spirit, evoking cruel scenes of war. His productions explore an uncontaminated environment, where ceremonial dances and polytheistic adorations are performed; his themes are direct and captivating, collecting the best of EBM, Industrial, Electro and Techno to launch him onto the dance floor and make you lose yourself in their worlds.

Industrial Possession will be in charge of publishing this new work called “Nude” in K7 and digital format at the end of July. An LP made up of eight forceful cuts that will delight EBM fans, and that will be accompanied in its digital version by a remix of Rise Black, one of the components of the label.

Tracks written by: Moken
Design by: HUMNEEB
Mastered by: Manuel Costela
K7 production by: Envelope Structure

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