Format: 12''   

Label: Darkfloor Sound   Cat: DRKFLR007

Cat: DRKFLR007

Release date: 03/07/2020


Hay existencias

The work of Germany’s Stefan Leßner, Omnia is the producer’s debut solo EP. It is also his first appearance for Darkfloor Sound. Over five years in the making, the four tracks of the EP grew and matured like life itself. Bittersweet cathartic sound that revolves loosely around a techno and industrial framework, produced from an emotive core.

Ambitious and captivating; expansive, textured and unique, this is Herd’s Arteater.

Since 2007 Jason Thomson has since 2007, through several net based labels, worked on a multi-part series of abstract experimental electro, ambient electronica and drone soundscape material, collectively titled Tangents. Arteater continues that vein of sonic tapestry, yet stands out on its own.

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