Particles I

Format: 12''   

Label: Ucker   Cat: UCKR005

Label: Ucker

Cat: UCKR005

Release date: 20/12/2021


Hay existencias

Founder of Illegal Alien Records, Mexican born and raised Ricardo Garduno, is one of the most
influential figures in the global techno scene.

Ricardo has been an anchor for Ucker since we started, so we selected him to kick off
a new series called Particles.

In this selection we can appreciate how versatile and talented creator he is.

Stellar Mantle is a downtempo piece that sets up the tone of this galactic journey with a solid
bass and a floating melodic arrangement.

The intention to create a hypnotic atmosphere can be clearly perceived in tracks such as
The Skinny Girl and Day Zero, where the simple effective loopy structures are driven by melodies,
creating a mental approach towards techno.

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