Passive Pleasure EP

Format: 12''   

Label: Gated Recordings   Cat: GTD003

Cat: GTD003

Release date: 13/09/2019



It all started with Aphex Twin’s comment, a simple “dope”.

Writing under his user18081971 alias on SoundCloud, that single word from Richard D. James has since sparked over 7,500 plays for ‘Radon’, the opening salvo of Goldefish’s Passive Pleasure EP.

The West Country native’s debut release showcases four tracks of shimmering breakbeat, tough acid house, and nostalgic jungle.

When they come the drops are immense, bubbling under impeccably programmed drums and lush pads.

It’s no wonder RDJ rated ‘Radon’ so highly. But word has it the track he was *really* interested in was the remix of Dare Balogun’s ‘We Could Have Had Brunch’ on the B-side…

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