Perfecta Analogía de la Decadencia

Format: 12''   

Label: BLF Laboratory   Cat: BLFL001

Cat: BLFL001

Release date: 10/09/2019


Hay existencias

Balfa speak about his album:


This is my debut album, result of living in Berlin for the last four years. An album that rises from my personal experiences and sonic explorations, from the moment of my arrival in Berlin to finish my studies in Telecommunications until the day I decide to leave the city.

A sound reflection of the pressures that the postmodern society carries, where capitalism and consumerism reapper with a new status, legitimizing an hedonist and narcissist individualism that leads to the personal and moral decadence of a whole generation.

My intention was to create a space for listening and for sound exploration without the limits of the traditional, occidental music. Understanding the music as something else than ordered musical notes coming from instruments. Understanding that everything that can make a sound can be listened and observed.

A meeting point for primitive sounds from recycled objects and chaotic noises from handmade synthesizers and machines built with reused electronic components. Old materials get a second chance as instruments through a ‘trial and error’ process, something that at some point shocked me and left me a mark (and not only for the soldering iron!). These handmade machines are, with no doubt, the backbone of this project.

14 original tracks produced in Berlin while living in five rooms and one studio, always working near to big windows, through which I saw planes constantly flying over grey, rainy clouds; something that really influenced my work.

Self-released in double vinyl and CD. Mastered in Spain by Aleix Jaramillo, from GimenoStudio. Artwork designed by the mexican artist Delilirium Candidum, expressing the concept of the album from her own perspective, showing a futuristic biopunk-aesthetic world where humans are biologically manipulated under the corporation’s profits. And the Portuguese visual artist Maria Mendes, who is showing her view of the album through motion graphics.

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