Format: Cassette   

Label: Fill-lex Records   Cat: FLCS07

Cat: FLCS07

Release date: 18/01/2021


Hay existencias

Lezat makes its debut on Fill-Lex Records, with its first long, 7 beautiful songs that ride between a mixture of minimalistic progressive krautrock, synth-pop with futuristic melodies full of emotion, and a minimalsynth with many subtle nuances.

Manu Pérez is the only member of Lezat. His involvement with music began at the early age of nine when he bought his first vinyl, the first Soft Cell album. It is the era of New Wave and Technopop and the sounds of synthesizers are deeply embedded in him. In 1990 he forms as a guitarist his first Pop group influenced by the Shoegaze. He goes through several bands until 2009 when he decides to return to the origins and undertake a solo project. He buys analogical synthesizers and begins to compose the ones that will become Lezat’s instrumental songs with which he debuts in 2011 in a live show in his hometown, Valencia.

His love for photography and audiovisuals leads him to be on the other side of the stage for some years as a music press photographer, and to accompany some of his songs by timelapse projections of his own production.
Lezat is the name of a mountain in the French Pyrenees.

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