Format: 12''   

Label: Pi Electronics   Cat: PI05

Cat: PI05

Release date: 11/05/2018



This is the return of the collaborative project ‘VOFA’, by Sawf and ANFS, on Pi Electronics. The Athens based duo, that put out the label’s debut release, deliver another 4-tracker of their signature sound for the 5th Pi record. PI05.1 is a bass line oriented composition of thrilling beauty, while PI05.2 and PI05.4 provide different takes on the main PI05 theme: one leaning closer to UK breaks’ influences and the other closer to industrial, hard hitting broken beats. Pi05.3 offers a driving tool of distorted realities and tuning bass lines. All tracks showcase further focus on sound texture and dynamics’ balance, providing a perfect blend of Sawf and ANFS in joint forces as VOFA.

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