Pinya Àcida

Format: 12''   Sealed

Label: Arketip Discs   Cat: ADS002

Cat: ADS002

Release date: 02/12/2019


Hay existencias

A new Arketip Discs release by label co-founder Makuto, three driving atmospheric techno tracks with mental melodies. Remixes from Stefan Vincent and Spear complete the soundtrack.

Starting with the polyrhythmic ‘Crispetes Aquàtiques’, it comes from deep Detroit techno roots reminiscent of a rich musical heritage. Stefan Vincent closes Side A with a huge 135bpm remix that encompasses a dark blend of powerful kick and spatial pads.

Side B starts with ‘Hipnòtic’, a loose elasticated SH101 bass line, hypnotic long pad melodies and rich percussions that weave a dark fabric.
Vinyl closes with self-titled ‘Pinya Àcida’, to take us on a switchback journey of sharp, modern bass riffs, chrystallized chords and vintage pads.

Spear delivers a remix created through live improvisation that obscures the senses, only digital.

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