Format: 12''   

Label: Destroy All Monsters   Cat: DAMN013

Cat: DAMN013

Release date: 04/12/2019



One of the most enticing features of music-drenched city nightlife is the opportunity to make experiences beyond one’s own imagination, acting out needs and expressing desires free from any conventions. Sometimes as anonymously as possible in an environment as namelessly as possible. Liberating oneself is the yardstick and self-expression consists of exactly that. Less, who just recently drew attention to himself with an emotional, depth charged Ambient album on (in)famous Freude Am Tanzen label, now delivers a rhythmically merciless ode to a club life marked by hedonism and fetishism, well matched the ruggedDestroy All Monsters label. The two dirty, dark techno tracks of the Berliner-by-choice become explicitly what they promise through the respective vocals of Spogmei and Leah alike: Hymns to the night that only want one thing: Play_Me!

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