Post-Apo Romance

Format: 12''   

Label: Veyl   Cat: VEYL027

Label: Veyl

Cat: VEYL027

Release date: 20/09/2021



A new addition to the Veyl family, LOFN bring a completely untethered approach to their music, which defies any and all boundaries and public expectation. The project of Aitcher Clark and Anna Coranić, the duo debuted in 2017 and has shared the stage with Telefon Tel Aviv, Oake and Hiro Kone. Their sound seamlessly weaves through outlines, bones and sketches of industrial, experimental, ambient, techno and beyond.

‘Post-Apo Romance’ is right at home on Veyl, emitting mythical electronics and post-industrial dispatches that perfectly pair with vicious, venom-like vocals. The experience begins at the same place we all do, with ‘Mother’, a deep pensive opener to unlock the gates. ‘Pachad’ gradually picks up a heavy rhythm before moving into more explosive territory with ‘I Get Lit’. The madness subsides but gives way to the powerful ‘Invocation’ before finally drifting away with the title track.

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