Format: 12''   

Label: R-Zone   Cat: R-ZONE04

Label: R-Zone

Cat: R-ZONE04

Release date: 30/03/2014


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For the fourth R-Zone, we serve up three more tracks of fizzing atmospheric house. First track ‘Exclamation’ is rough and rugged with rattling percussion hidden behind layers of grainy sci fi ambiance and the breathy exhalations of a male voice. Nebulous pads and synths spiral around each other forming a dense layer of dust and next track ‘March Of The Worms’ is even more militant. This one crawls deep below the surface where analogue machines carve out weird patterns, forming a truly knackered sounding house groove. Finally, ‘Claustrophobic Habits’ bangs a bit harder, it’s all splintered drums and coarse claps backed with a howling, gnarly groan and truly transports you to a sonic universe miles away from the norm.

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