Format: 12''   

Label: R-Zone   Cat: R-ZONE07

Label: R-Zone

Cat: R-ZONE07

Release date: 30/03/2014


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The much loved R-Zone series continues apace here with three more rough analogue jams for its seventh release.

‘If U Going Thru Hell Keep Going’ is a paranoid, angsty bit of house jack with a busy synth line, hard hitting percussion and plenty of muddy, murky atmosphere. ‘Emojako’ is even more unhinged and off filter with its weird hooks, dusty hi hats and intense drum workouts. It’s a physical one that will fuck with your mind as it changes direction freely, and final track ‘Subatomi’ is just as freaky and left of centre. The synths are lively and charming, spraying about above a cacophony of woody percussion and heavy drums. It’s grainy and roughhewn but groovy and catchy at the same time.

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