Format: 12''   

Label: R-Zone   Cat: R-ZONE14

Label: R-Zone

Cat: R-ZONE14

Release date: 15/01/2020


Hay existencias

Keeping up the pressure with their anonymous EP series, R-Zone now offer up three more cuts of purely dance floor aligned action.

Opener ‘You Wear The Mask Of The Beast’ is a mysterious cut with a spooky lead synth, subtle, buried deep drums that are full of implicit energy and build to a heady peak. Raw textures, unfamiliar patterns and perfect back room vibes all pervade. ‘Salt Volatile This Sucka’ is a slow mo but chugging track with frazzled synth lines, atmospheric pads and curious melodies all spiralling above lazy, ramshackle drums. Last but not least, ‘Arrowhead’, a sludgy, dirty, sleazy groove that sounds broken. It’s a fantastic fusion of fucked up machines sounds that keeps you on edge throughout. Once again here R-Zone have confounded all expectations with their left-of-centre electronica

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