Format: 12''   

Label: R-Zone   Cat: R-ZONE15

Label: R-Zone

Cat: R-ZONE15

Release date: 23/03/2016


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The mysterious but widely acclaimed R-Zone series roll on to a 15th EP now with a new four track release that is as essential as ever.

Opener ‘Hired Gun’ is a tough and raw concoction with coarse, snappy snares, rough drum pings and lots of abrasive texture all making for a physical listening experience. ‘Midwinter’ is a deeper and more emotive jam with warm pads dampening down icy hi hats and busy synth work. It is fresh and original and sounds like little else, then ‘Captive’ gets all deep and space-y with smeared pads and slick metallic hits tied together with a molten acid line. Lastly, ‘Exile’ is five blissful and beautiful minutes of atmospheric, intergalactic electronic sounds that really take you to another place.

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