Raval Rave Breakers Pt. 2

Format: 12''   

Label: M.U.S.A.   Cat: MUSA003

Label: M.U.S.A.

Cat: MUSA003

Release date: 22/06/2020



The second Raval Rave Breakers instalment continues with another strong five tracker. A Swiss knife where different sides of electro manage to coexist in blissful harmony. Some of them do so in a clean and classic way, like Dark Vektor’s “Time Space Rhythm & Bass”. A small 80s odyssey that fondly reminds of a certain quartet of well-known robots. Some others take a a more raw and contemporary approach, like Spoiled Drama (Nous, Fleisch), who plays the aches-and-pains card in a glorious way: “Drama’s Welcome To The Synthesized Pain Society” goes straight to your cortex and it won’t be easy to forget. Univac (Bunker, Moustache) sits in a more middle ground, bringing us “Collider”: a powerful electro-techno track that will uplift any possible dancefloor. Larry McCormick, head honcho of the renowned label Monoton, signs as his usual alias Exzakt, but now gets accompanied by the mysterious BFX. Their track “Close” is a as perfect as it could be: a pure, raw, super intense breaker electro rhythm, a ratchety lead, a couple arps, a distorted vocal and a tremendous sub that, even at low volumes, it might be heard even from the Mariana’s Trench. Closing the EP, Eel travels back to the more lo-fi side of the genre with “Sich Kreuzende Linien”, an eerie and hypnotic track which surrenders to an absolute jackhammer of a rhythm section.

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