Format: 12''   Sealed

Label: Frigio Records   Cat: FRV035

Cat: FRV035

Release date: 22/12/2020



The Croatian outfit were founded in 1995 by Siniša Očuršćak and Miljenko Rajaković. After releasing music for the cult italian label Minus Habens Records in the 90s, their musical partnership ended in the untimely death of Očuršćak. In 2010 Rajaković restarted the project with renewed zeal and he release 2017 new CD album “Distorted Information” for french Unknown Pleasures Records..

The style pursued for this seven track 12” lies between industrially tinted electro and blackened wave. Cold and brutal in one breath, warm and yearning in the next, the EP draws on a spread of influences to create texture and tone. A gulf of sounds is explored: from ghosting samples, looming lines and incising snares to dreamy and understated atmospherics. The flip is remix focussed. Taken from the 2017 album of the same name, “Distorted Information” is the source material with the Hal9000 computer being a common component of all three interpretations. Snippets from the Kubrik’s film orbit, from the brooding remake by Asprin for Oslo and the staggered steps of Alert Command to the glitched funk care of Red Sector A. Dark electronics for questionable times.

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