Format: 2x12''   + download & poster

Label: Veyl   Cat: VEYL016

Label: Veyl

Cat: VEYL016

Release date: 11/05/2020



Maenad Veyl returns with his sophomore album, ‘Reassessment’, a collection of 13 tracks inspired by inner
turmoil and change. Expanding on the sound palette established with last year’s critically-acclaimed ‘Body
Count’, Feriero ventures into heavier, more abstract territories and collaborations with Years of Denial.
I wrote a new album as Maenad Veyl at the end of last year, in part inspired by events surrounding some
personal health issues and a (minor) surgery. I wanted the music, title and artwork (shot over a year ago) to
reflect what I experienced then, as I saw them as a metaphor to other changes I was going through at the
Needless to say, as we geared up for release as we usually do, the world ground to a halt. All the images ,
words printed or spoken on the album have changed meaning since and, compared to what many people
are going through now, my “inspiring changes” feel distant and unimportant.

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