Red Georgia (We Are The Vineyard Vol. 2)

Format: 12''   

Label: RED-REC   Cat: VAREDG002

Label: RED-REC

Cat: VAREDG002

Release date: 06/11/2020


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At the boarder between tradition and pulsating desire for change, it was impossible to describe the Georgian Sonic soundscapes without finding its roots in the old wine making tradition. There is no meal or reference without wine, just like there would not be this rising culture of artists without their thoughts for change, filled with the desire to bring a game-changing wind of change to the front of the scene, being musical or political.

1/ Her ra – Let the right one « slow post apocalyptic symphony: orchestral, oniric and gripping initiatic journey »

2/ Vako pachulia – eternal activity without action « Irradiant, seismic and vibrant dronic exploration – Winter is blowing! »

3/ Solarmental – shadow dance « Undulating bleep techno – Where shadow games with mechanical sequences become magnetic waves underlying a spiritual presence»

4/ Itch – 599041116 « Anthemic electro banger: orbital groove with a magnetic and unifying voice enveloping you with warm waves of serenity»

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