Red Line EP

Format: 12''   

Label: System 108   Cat: S108-002

Label: System 108

Cat: S108-002

Release date: 21/01/2020



System 108 introduces its second vinyl record from resident Kovyazin D, whose works were previously released on the labels M>O>S, Craigie Knowes, Eidetic, Jack Trax and so on. The Belgian New Beat spirit, mystical Acid House and EBM, fat and metal basslines, punchy rhythms and jack percussions – all this perfectly reflects the content of the record and conveys the atmosphere of the second dance floor by System 108 events. Adding to this combination a remix from Cardopusher we get a guaranteed dancefloor killer release! Artwork: Anton Elfilter Mastering: MA Spaventi Studio

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