Reverse Deception

Format: 12''   

Label: Discos Atónicos   Cat: DATO06

Cat: DATO06

Release date: 27/01/2020



When Utrecht based acid/techno outfit Random XS resumed activity after many years of hibernation, their archive turned out to be full of unreleased recordings. After releasing some of it on labels like Shipwrec, Delsin and M.O.S., it’s now Discos Atónicos who unearthed some more hidden gems.

The A side of the EP ‘Reverse Deception’ features two intense electro/acid-style Random XS tracks, recorded in the late 1990s. Although it was still in the early days of the internet, inspiration came from the dark and invisible side of the online world: hacking, cybercrime and cyberwarfare. The track titles ’Titan Rain and ‘Stuxnet Code’ are a reflection of this.

The B side offers two more electro tracks, from the the same era but more on the melodic/old-school side. These two tracks are produced by Random XS member Zero One together with synthesizer aficionado Allert Aalders, also based in Utrecht. In the 1990s, he used to release and perform extensively together with the late Bert van de Grift as ‘’Human Beings’’. Although quite different in style, Random XS and Human Beings often joined the stage on local parties, equipment and knowledge was exchanged frequently.

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