Roseen vs Dinamite - Episode II

Format: 12''   

Label: Onna Bushi   Cat: OB002

Label: Onna Bushi

Cat: OB002

Release date: 04/03/2022



Episode II
Onna Bushi Records continues to stomp on the Berlin scene, redoubling its bet with the
breathtaking release of Episode II. In this new chapter, our label founder joins forces with a
vigorous warrior who performs his magic from the shadows.
Deceptively, one might believe, that we are witnessing life and death combat. The truth is, that
both combatants share the same strategic objective in a round trip of direct, pure and incessant
Thus, with a dance of dark rhythms and harmonies dominating the field of action, Dinamite
welcomes German DJ and producer Roseen to its battlefield.
The new reference of four powerful cuts, in vinyl and digital format contains the perfect energy
balance. A yin and a yang of opposing but complementary forces that maintain the essence and
balance of the same flowing sonorous universe.
These opposing and at the same time unified principles also govern the presentation of the new
On Side A, with Deceptive and Mission, Roseen unfolds her full potential, privileging the
spontaneous and vital imprint of musical creation with two tracks that appeal to the classic sound
of cult techno.
On Side B, with Vision and Crystalline, Dinamite organizes its explosive sonorous space with a trip
of enveloping, forceful and metallic sounds of overwhelming force and an infallible quota of
Finally, the four tremendous tracks with a marathon and groovy rhythm, make up an essential
artistic proposal for techno sound lovers.
The Onna Bushi saga will continue …

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