Science Gardens

Format: 12''   

Label: Bite   Cat: BITE06

Label: Bite

Cat: BITE06

Release date: 14/01/2019



Vulkanski is the alias of Tbilisi techno dj/producer Achi Tabukashvili. As a long time resident of infamous Tbilisi club KHIDI, he has been a pioneer of the Georgian music scene pushing forward pungent, vibrant techno and grinding, industrial soundscapes. He is also one half of duo Greenbeam & Leon who appeared on Boiler Room recently in response to the police raids on Bassiani and Cafe Gallery earlier this year.

For BITE, he presents the Science Gardens EP, his first ever release across 4 tracks.
The A side breathes with driving percussion and psychedelic noises rushing through the stereo field,
while the B side lends itself to stealthier grooves with dadaistic chords and rusty percussion.
Rather than paint a picture, Vulkanski illustrates his vision detailed with his own auditory signatures.

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