Section Roots Series 01

Format: 12''   

Label: Psychoskunk   Cat: PSK10

Cat: PSK10

Release date: 17/09/2018


Hay existencias

Error Etica, an alias from label boss Victor Martinez, is at the controls for this tenth vinyl release on the label, and he’s sounding as proudly left of centre as ever. “Diatonic Scale” locks into an insistent groove, but the real magic of the track lies in the grubby notes punching their way around the drums, capped off with artful distortion that gives a wonderful bite to the production. “Tetratonic Scale” keeps things fuzzy but blows the rhythms wide open for a more poised, patient kind of techno incantation. R2pi’s remix of the track meanwhile clamps it back in order with a stern beat and a slow-release minimalism guiding the evolution of the track.
r2π is a eight-hands project born from the organic fusion of three Italian techno projects (Nicola Buono and Lino Monaco), Prg/M (Pier Giuseppe Mariconda) and Ruhig (Luigi Cicchella).
This new project is a triangulation of three Parthenopean energetic elements that through several different paths have decided to build a perfect “quadrature of the circle”, a holistic
ensemble where their souls are still distinguishable though.
In June ’17 they released on Midgar Records their first 4-tracks EP “LIbrary of Babel”; during 2018 there will be two further releases: a new Ep on Midgar and a split EP along with Mike Parker on Subosc records.

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