Format: 12''   

Label: Sonic Groove   Cat: SGLP07

Cat: SGLP07

Release date: 07/01/2020



After the release of two very well received EPs on Sonic Groove Records, French industrial techno artist Crystal Geometry returns to the label with a full length LP conceptualized as a rebellion against oppressive powers.

“Senestre” is an old French word that refers to the left of a pictured character, a side associated with sorcery, the negation of God and bad omens. It is the side of outcasts and agitators, but only from the perspective of the observer.

“Senestre” is not the left as it is seen, but where the left really is: progress, justice and the rejection of arbitrary rules. Pushing deeper into introspection, the album explores these early influences through a special blend of saturated guitars, mechanical basslines, hard beats and abrasive vocals that directly confront the subject matter.

Stepping back from recent musical trends, Crystal Geometry has delivered ten merciless tracks running through a single conceptual thread, waiting to be deciphered.

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