Serious Bidness

Format: 12''   

Label: Schmer   Cat: SCHMER018

Label: Schmer

Cat: SCHMER018

Release date: 08/05/2020


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Schmer is excited to share our latest compilation of bidness techno with you.
We not PLAYIN! Soon you will be playin “Serious Bidness”
cause techno is “Serious Bidness” and this release provides six solid examples why this is true

We start off with an old 1990s hardware jam from Selway ( John Selway ). See? There was a time when even he was Schmer….
CMD ( Corina MacDonald ) is from Montreal and in addition to being a phenomenal DJ, Producer, live performer she curates “Modular Systems” on CKUT. The radio show heard around the world, via the interwebs…
Closing side A from Chiba Japan is modular madman Hisashi Saito aka Hisacid, Rapeman aka the husband behind the sounds of Schmer sister Galcid/Lenacid.
B opens with New York ( via Illnoize ) and Modular producer, as in he produces Modules ( SnazzyFX ) and produces using modules as Dan Snazelle. He’s had releases on real labels like JackTone and Trip but wastes his time with us lot out of pity…
Carrying on the ’80s revival is Limon Sebon (Matt Vrazo), who has released bassy things as Sinister R and will soon be releasing white labels so you will have no idea who it is or where its coming from. The Reflux is a lonely child who’s waiting for their parents to come back from the free party.
And no compilation is ever complete Bizzness without a remix from Bizz OD ( Kahn Oral ) , just look up his discography when you have an afternoon free…
Schmer gives you the Bidness for 2020 and beyond.

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