Sickness and Ruins

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Label: Strange Therapy   Cat: ST07

Cat: ST07

Release date: 28/05/2019


Hay existencias

German industrial radicals MDS51 grace us with a new release for Strange Therapy. The 10-track cassette Sickness and Ruins consists 3 new cuts, 3 tracks previously released only on CD, and some live-tracks recorded on Wroclaw Industrial Festival in November 2018.

DNA is a death-factory made music, an industrial inferno with distorted rhythms and sharp lines, conjuring a thundering crescendo of obsessive nature. The majestic atmosphere is enriched by well-placed samples and screams, recalling a tension akin to a real horrific experience. Tunnel is a static attack with subtle distorted motifs with a hidden melody, endorsed by a mechanical rhythm upon which female shouted vocals are layered. The track grows into a hypnotizing movement with seductive passages, while keeping its menacing soul. Torn showcases grinding lines and orchestral dark ambiances, reaching a film-score structured with sudden stark percussions and mesmerizing motifs. A dystopian sci-fi atmosphere dominates the number, while sparse vocal samples enrich the track with an almost narrative quality. Death-industrial moments surprise us with distorted vocals and steady paths. LCF is a noisescape made of hellish distortions and a stomping drum, interrupted by alarming screams. An old-school industrial atmosphere permeates the episode, conjuring a new steel-like obsession, and during the second half hateful vocals complete the climax. Fear Reactor is a destructive affair made of abrasive distortions and the usual well-placed samples, soon reached by strong rhythmic patterns and declaiming shouted vocal deliveries. Grinding moments with a crawling movement characterized by a broken structure. Pendu employs minimal elements and suspended atmospheres upon which a crooning voice layers its dark secrets. A sharp affair with an eerie sense of danger, a well-crafted industrial-pastiche ends the A side.

Propagation is the first of the 4 live tracks and welcomes us to the B-side. This track is a raw rendition with an almost punk feeling, a compulsive motion with steady cymbals and imperative vocal samples. The industrial march knows no pause, delivering some furious crescendos. Monochrom showcases minimal droning structures and rhythmic mantras with a serpentine nature. Then, shouted vocals enrich the track with a soulful performance. WHM is a percussive affair with sudden burst of noise and stomping beats, a menacing soundscape which grows with the continuous adding of elements. During the second half it sees riffing sounds and a starker drumming. Enfer ends the cassette with cinematic undertones with ritualistic rhythms and seductive female vocals in French. A dark crescendo shows itself among the crawling movement, keeping a restrained tension never really climaxing.
released May 28, 2019

Written and produced by MDS51
A5 and A6 are originally released by Sleepless Records Berlin
All tracks mastered by Niumen Mastering
Words by Davide Pappalardo
Strange Therapy, Amsterdam | ST007

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