Signs Of Life

Format: 12''   

Label: Chubby!   Cat: CHUB101

Label: Chubby!

Cat: CHUB101

Release date: 09/12/2019



Spanish deep house ambassador Jose Rico lands on Chubby with a sultry collection of high pedigree jams that will sink under your skin, like the best machine soul should.

There’s definitely a whiff of Detroit about opening cut “Can’t Be To Paradise,” but it’s offset by a Mediterranean mellow tint to the dynamic hardware interplay. “Four Eyes” has a spacier feel thanks to a particularly fizzy pad tone and some artful reverb, while “Ind Soul” is a melancholic jam shot through with lingering keys and a bubbling acid line dedicated to Fon.
On the B side, “Gem Vmu” lightens the mood with some sprightly piano, and then “Juno Space” takes us out of orbit once more with some gorgeous lead lines that fall like pearl drops around Rico’s tasteful grooves.

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