Format: 12''   

Label: Creme Organization   Cat: J1010

Cat: J1010

Release date: 13/02/2018


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Dutch powerhouse Creme Organization is starting a brand new label entitled Jericho One. The man behind the first EP is Berlin based Brit BNJMN, who has released on label like Delsin and Rush Hour and has a strangely melodic, lo-fi sound.

Opener ‘Skur’ is a hurried techno jam with frosty textures and bleak industrial vibes. It’s one of BNJMN’s more function and floor facing tracks but still sounds like little else with its decaying percussive patterns. ‘Herz’ is slower and more experimental, with scorched synth lines, dangling electronic wires and fuzzy white noise all shielding a trudging techno kick drum.

‘Nommo’ is another perfectly odd track with swirling vocal ad lips, pinging drums and jumbled, DIY sounding percussion all making for an off kilter groove suited best to the late night hours. ‘Hydrofoil’ is another patchwork of broken sounds, whirring machines and lumpy kicks that really places you in a trance before ‘Glut’ finds sci-fi melodies and blizzard like winds raining down the face of a busted kick and finally ‘Solvent’ marries warped, drunken synth chords with woody drums and ghetto fried, super paced hi hats.

This is a truly out there and wild EP that once again finds BNJMN experimenting on the outer fringes of the techno world in his own unique, distorted way

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