Sky Sanctuary

Format: 12''   

Label: Distant Hawaii   Cat: HAWAII008

Cat: HAWAII008

Release date: 06/04/2017



After reviving his 16-bit soul with rampantly joyful and excessively hedonistic escapades in New York, the now newly-named SONIKKU (casting off the DJ moniker of old and focussing purely on his namesake) takes refuge in the legendary high altitude temple, rising from the forest through the clouds and to a monumental blue-hued floating structure. Sky Sanctuary.

SONIKKU’s warm, lilted audio recordings from time spent there tell a story of two SONIKKU’s. One, a young producer, all scorched drum carnage with fruit basket plugins that betray a balearic leaning that defied their age (the B-side). Then the second SONIKKU. Pure vibes, positive waves and solid life lessons gleaned all the way from the Sky Sanctuary (A-side).

Cloud surfin, sky swimming, escapist, fantasy-sanctuary blissfulness.

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