Slow Burn

Format: Cassette   

Label: Industrial Complexx   Cat: IC04

Cat: IC04

Release date: 24/02/2020



Industrial Complexx returns with a fourth release by the enigmatic SOJ, an artist who is in charge of Soil Records and who during these last two years has managed to bring to the forefront both his artistic project and his work as head of the record company.

Slow Burn is an album that faithfully captures the interpretive charisma of this producer, who even mixing various genres such as industrial, techno and EBM, manages to create a very identifiable style based mainly on worked percussive sounds, great bass lines and textures with a certain degree of distortion that expand throughout the panoramic spectrum.

The album shows SOJ’s versatility to create tracks with very different approaches, and although we have to consider it a heterogeneous work, there are always elements that give away its authorship.

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